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How long does it take to determine the true reach and engagement of the influencers you want to work with? Zero seconds, if you’re using Hubble, since you get all the important metrics in one instant snapshot. No need to search through each account and to math, it’s all done for you. You’ll know exactly how large an audience will be seeing your products, and you can ensure they’re in the market by targeting only the niches and keywords that fit your brand.
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The metrics Hubble calculates are based on the data straight from the social networks that influencers are using, like TikTok and Instagram, so you get true metrics that even the influencers might not have. Even better, our database is kept constantly updated so you get real-time metrics to make the best decisions for your brand
You bet! Every influencer has influence in different markets, so you can use Hubble’s Influencer Analysis Tool to find the right influencers for your products. See if their audience responds to your brand’s hashtags, or look for influencers who target your niche. Whether your products are in a well-known market or if they’re new and obscure, you can find the right influencers to join your team.
The metrics presented on social media sites aren’t filtered for real followers and bot comments, and don’t represent the active audience an influencer might have. Hubble goes behind the scenes to get the data straight from platforms like Instagram and TikTok to see how many real people your influencer interacts with and how many of their posts are getting seen users’ feeds.

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