Does it make sense to work with Mega-Influencers?

September 20, 2022

Mega-influencers have more than 500,000 followers and tend to be well-respected names in their chosen fields. Mega-influencers often have their own style, and their followers know what kinds of things to expect from them. They can dramatically boost your reach, but they can charge higher rates than some other types of influencers. Plus, they might be so in demand that you can’t even get them on your campaign even if you can afford them.

Working with bigger influencers is a trade-off that is worth it for some brands, but not others. Keep reading to find out if working with mega-influencers is right for you.

Are mega-influencers good for growing brands?

When used effectively, influencers can help brands connect with their target audiences in a way that feels more natural, authentic, and trustworthy. Nano and micro-influencers, content creators on social media platforms whose audiences are typically rather small but can feel very close, have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The bigger the better sometimes though. Mega-influencers can help your brand make a bigger splash in social media, and might even create content that goes viral, leading to an astronomical increase in your reach.

It's worth noting that social media influencers are distinct from traditional celebrities in that they gain their "fame" primarily through their online activity rather than their talents as actors, musicians, or entertainers. Influencers are the “cool kids” of social media, and they grow their audiences organically, by posting creative and engaging content and interacting with their audience. Influencers who have made it to the mega level can broadcast your brand’s message to a massive audience. If that message connects to its audience, be prepared for a huge influx of new customers to your site.

For some brands, this is actually more of a hazard than a blessing. Brands are generally prepared for steady, incremental growth. If a brand works with an influencer with an audience dramatically larger than what the brand currently has, and if that new audience likes what they see, a brand might be inundated with orders they can’t fulfil in their normal timeframe. This can lead to many angry customers, refunds, and a generally bad impression, plus the likely destruction of your working relationship to that influencer. So, if you want to work with a mega-influencer, make sure you’re prepared for a possible flood of sales.

Making a great impression requires the use of mega-influencers.

It's no secret that today's most popular creators are in high demand from major businesses, but why is that? Since mega-influencers can potentially reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of individuals with a single post, they command a great deal of attention.

Sharing content with a mega influencers social channels guarantees exposure to that influencer's massive following, making them a great asset for growing brand awareness campaigns. Brands should work with mega-influencers if brand recognition is the most important metric for measuring the success of the campaign.

Top-tier influencers have lots of money to work with. Because mega-influencers can't interact with their fans in the same personal manner that micro-influencers can, visibility is prioritized over interaction. Remember that just because an influencer might have hundreds of thousands of followers, their engagement rate and true reach are the metrics that will tell you how many of those followers are seeing their content. If an influencer has 200,000 followers, but their engagement rate is 4%, that means only about 8,000 people are reacting to their posts. If you’re going to invest in an influencer with a larger following, you want to maximize your return on that investment, and you can do that with good data. To get a current accurate measurement of an influencer’s engagement rate and reach, use Hubble’s Chrome browser extension. You’ll be able to see your influencer’s details right on the dashboard, send them a message, and search for other influencers in your niche.

Larger audiences require more time and money to prepare for. Bigger names in the industry command higher rates than their more modest counterparts. The budget for an influencer marketing campaign can be affected by a number of factors, but audience size is typically the most important. Engagement rate and reach should be calculated against total audience size, since these will tell you how many real people your influencer is reaching. A good influencer marketing platform will do this kind of calculation for you, so you are fully informed before you send them your first DM.

In addition to the higher price tag and increased difficulty in scheduling time to collaborate that comes with working with a mega-influencer, their hectic schedules also drive up their rates. Mega-influencers usually have an agent handling their sponsorships, and they plan out their content months in advance (both sponsored and unsponsored).

It's crucial for firms implementing their own influencer marketing to anticipate a lengthy process of striking up a partnership with a mega-influencer. Here are a few crucial pointers for success:

  • Do not wait until the last minute to get started. Need to find a sizzling partnership for the holidays? Reach out to that ideal mega-influencer at least 3-6 months in advance.
  • Be prepared to negotiate with talent representatives who have the best interests of their clients at heart.
  • Be adaptable when it comes to necessities. If the creator has a say, the branded material will have a more genuine tone, and the mega-influencer will be able to tailor the project to their own needs.

The stakes are higher for prominent opinion leaders.

What's great about megas is that they ensure a sizable audience for each brand-collaboration campaign. Unfortunately, this is equally terrible news if the campaign fails.

If the influencer is involved in a crisis or controversy, the partnership could bring unfavorable publicity to the brand. If the partner creator is the subject of unfavorable public criticism, the very same social media processes that can increase brand awareness can backfire spectacularly.

While it's impossible to totally avoid risk, businesses may minimize it by doing their homework on their intended creator. There is a greater need than ever before to investigate an influencer's previous posts (and endorsements), not just to find natural brand alignments, but also to identify any potential red flags.

It's possible that megas have a high level of particularity.

Famous artists have likely worked with many different businesses, and they have likely perfected the process of working together to best serve their fan base. Over time, they've cultivated their following, learned what their followers care about, and figured out how to give them what they want.

Many extremely influential people in the world spend all day, every day promoting themselves on social media. If brand signs on with a seasoned content producer, the entire process, from contract signing to campaign deliverables, should be handled professionally.

Even if consumers sometimes say "no" to products, companies should be prepared for that possibility. Because of their widespread appeal, mega-influencers can be picky about the products they promote. Here are a few suggestions for making your brand request stand out from the crowd:

  • Demonstrate how the influencer's personal brand will benefit from the partnership as well as the business being promoted.
  • To reach out to in-demand producers, consider working with an influencer agency.
  • Show adaptability by including the content creator in the collaborative process.


While there are a number of things to keep in mind when considering working with mega-influencers, there can also be big payoffs in terms of brand visibility and potential sales. There may be obstacles to overcome with larger influencers like these, so weigh the risks and challenges against the potential benefits for your brand’s specific situation. Brands may find it worthwhile to invest in mega-influencers in order to gain exposure and have a positive impact as they get ready for whatever ways the social media landscape changes in the future. If you want to make sure an influencer is as mega as they claim to be, use our Chrome extension. Hubble shows you exactly what an influencer’s current true reach and engagement rates are so you know you’re investing in the right influencer for your brand.