Link your entire app stack with Hubble to streamline every influencer interaction. From email to payment gateways to sending products, you can complete all your tasks on the same dashboard. Hubble’s integrations are designed to streamline all of your influencer interactions so you can do everything on your list with as few clicks as possible.
Send initial payments to new influencers when they begin working with your brand, and continue payments effortlessly through every campaign they join. Hubble streamlines the number of steps to pay your influencers, so it only takes one click to get to your payment window.
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Easily send products to your influencers for your current campaigns without having to leave your Hubble page. You can send multiple products at once, and use customized order IDs, all from inside your Hubble dashboard.
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Using the insights from your email list has never been easier. Hubble imports the data from the customers and influencers in your database to help you target your influencer choice with precision. Upload all your social customer and influencer emails to create custom campaigns that target your whole audience or specific segments.
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Easily see the traffic and conversions from each influencer you work with, including metrics like the average order value, conversions and click thru rate from each influencer’s audience. Import all of your campaigns and affiliates and choose which ones are right for each segment of your influencer network.

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Link your Shopify store directly to Hubble to make shipping products to influencers a snap. Send any products you have listed in your Shopify store to your choice of influencers and social customers, all while staying in the Hubble interface!

Our API also allows you to Create and share coupon codes with influencers for easily tracking ROI!