Meet your Social Customers

August 2, 2022

Your emails are SEO optimized and full of useful information for readers…and your open rates are in the single digits. Your email list is a valuable asset if your customers are clicking on your content, but emails are a one-sided way to tell your audience what’s going on with your brand. If you’re spending premium dollars on an email management system without listening on social media, you might be overlooking a much more effective (aka profitable) way of communicating.

We’re talking about your social customers. Social customers are like micro-influencers that rave about your brand and your products to their family, circles of friends, and followers on social media…without you ever needing to ask them to. If they’re posting all over Instagram and TikTok that they think you’re great, amplify the message and give them an even better customer experience by joining the conversation.

Influencer marketing is an effective and budget friendly way to grow brand awareness and make more sales, but it pales in comparison to personal recommendations from friends and family members. Social customers are giving you free advertising in exchange for having created an awesome product and an exceptional customer experience. Smart brand managers reply to these messages with appreciation, and sometimes include discount codes, exclusive offers, or free products. But you can’t reply and shower love on your customers if you don’t know they’re talking about you.

And if you don’t know what your customers are saying, you’re missing out on a massive amount of actionable information, both positive and negative. Your customers, especially your social customers, can make or break your bottom line.

You can’t hear what your customers are saying unless you have a tool that listens to your social media mentions. Just like email management, social media relationship management is an essential tool for growth and profit. Most of the apps currently available are so far out of the budget for small and medium sized brands that they don’t even look for other options.

But since you’re reading this on Hubble.me, you know there is a better way. Hubble is a cost-effective solution for brands to listen to social media networks and organize conversations with social customers as well as influencers. With influencers, you have to seek them out and verify their information. Social customers, on the other hand, come to you because they’re already talking about the qualities that make your brand and your products great. Social customers are your raving fans.

Endearing yourself to your social customers by joining the conversation and sending them exclusive perks solidifies their future loyalty and their future social media love. Hubble listens for these mentions and makes it easy for you to message these customers. You can track all of your DMs right on the Hubble dashboard, and send out discounts, promos, and other exclusives to keep your social customers singing. Even better, unlike the enterprise solutions for the big brands hiring celebrities, Hubble is a cost effective solution for small and medium sized brands.

This is why we’re a favorite of brands who are just starting out, and who might be working on their very first launch. Hubble exists to connect unique brands with their social customers and their ideal influencers, and we do that by staying affordable for brands at all levels. You don’t even need to commit to a plan to give us a try. Use our Chrome extension to see how Hubble can help you grow and work for you.