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We’re a More Cost Effective Influencer Management Platform Built for Brands and Agencies

For only $99/per month, we’ve created an affordable platform for marketing agencies and brands to grow via influencer marketing!

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Discover and Manage Influencers with Hubble

In today’s day and age, everyone has a website and a product to sell. As brands owners, we know you need to find a way to cut through the noise and speak directly to your target demographics. Hubble allows you to do just that.

Find Your Star

Use our tools to find similar influencers with a single click! Pinpoint high value influencers at a fraction of the cost.

Stay On Task

Say goodbye to unwieldy Google Sheets. It’s simple to log all communications and influencer interactions with Hubble.

Simplify Payouts

The number of steps to pay your influencers is streamlined, so it only takes one click to get to your payment window.

Mutual Moneymaker

A mutual ROI for you, for your agency, and for your clients. Truly a!

How Hubble Works:

Why should you use influencers?

Shifting your focus to influencers opens up a world of possibilities. If you want your brand to grow and the profits to match, you need the right influencers to push your products. Allowing you to present your service or product to a well-engaged audience who are ready to take action—providing a lower cost at a higher value.

Hubble can help save you thousands while increasing their revenue, brand awareness, and, most importantly, customer loyalty.

We make it easy for you to find the right stars for your clients

How long does it take to determine the true reach and engagement of the influencers you want to work with? Zero seconds, if you’re using Hubble, since you get all the important metrics in one instant snapshot. No need to search through each account and do math, it’s all done for you. You’ll know exactly how large an audience will be seeing your client’s products, and you can ensure they’re in the market by targeting only the niches and keywords that fit your brand.

Case Study: How Hubble Helped Push Key Nutrients Forward

About The Company & Their Challenge

Focusing on supplements that support a ketogenic diet, Key Nutrients was founded in late 2017. In late 2018, they started working with influencers in the Keto community and quickly found the Google Sheet they used to manage their key relationships wasn’t cutting it. After looking around for Software solutions, they found nothing that met their needs as a CRM that was priced below $750 per month.

The Solution

At $99 per month, Hubble was the perfect fit. Not just for the price, but for the fact that it met all their needs:
Social Listening
Automated Task Tracking
Centralized CRM
(Giving you the ability to sort through your contacts by customer, influencer, ambassador, by state, country or platform)
UGC Download
Influencer Search Tool
(with ShipStation, Klaviyo, Refersion & Shopify)
Key Nutrients grew from 1M to 7M in three years. In large part, this success came from building the brand on social media and amassing an influencer/social customer following of over 6,000 loyal social customers and influencers with a combined reach of 1.8M.

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