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See how powerful Hubble is for your brand by connecting with the right influencers, right now. Our FREE Chrome Extension will get you started with all the tools and metrics you need with just a few clicks.
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Step 1

Download and open zip file. Remember where that folder is.

Step 2

Open the Chrome browser and click on the menu icon at the top-right corner.

Step 3

Select “More Tools” “Extensions”

Step 4

On the extensions page, make sure the "Developer mode" switch at the top-right corner is turned "ON"

Step 5

Then at the top-left side of the page you will see a "Load unpacked" button which you should click.

Step 6

In the "Select the extension directory" dialog navigate to the folder from Step 1 and click the "Select Folder" button.
Now you should see the "Hubble Chrome extension" in your extensions list.

Make sure it is turned "ON"

Find Your Stars With Hubble

Hubble's extensive curated database of over 100,000 influencers is at your fingertips...and it's growing every day. See each influencer's true reach and engagement and get them on board with your next campaign with just a few clicks, all on the same page.
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Why Choose Hubble

Hubble is designed to help you grow your brand and scale up quickly with as few clicks as possible. We’ve created our streamlined dashboard so you can tackle your marketing tasks and take control of your marketing.
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Love From Our Users

tare pets logo

We’ve had tremendous success finding and onboarding influencers on Instagram and we owe it all to Hubble! Their influencer Database alone saves us close to 15 hours per week. It provides all the value of a larger software platform, at a fraction of the price!

Tare Pets
Key Nutrients logo

There is no way we could manage our 6,000 influencers and social customers without Hubble. We estimate it saves us 40 hours per week minimum, by helping coordinate all campaigns, communications, & relationships on IG, TikTok, & Youtube.

 Key Nutrients

Hubble has made launching new products on social media a dream! Now we can easily create tasks for our social media relationship managers to get the word out to hundreds of our top influencers.

Ryan G., Beauty by Earth

Seeing the engagement rate of my influencers alone makes Hubble an amazing tool. I was working with many influencers that didn't even have real audiences!

Mark J., Nature Plus You

Hubble has helped us find and engage over 300 influencers in the first two months. Before Hubble, we were in Google Sheet hell and couldn't tell who we were working with and what products we can send. Launching new products has never been easier. What a lifesaver!

Pet Nutrients

We have tried half a dozen different tools and agencies and nearly all of them were a waste of time and money. Hubble is by far more effective than any of them, even the ridiculously expensive ones. It's streamlined our social outreach to the degree that I want to actually hire and build a whole team around Hubble and use it as a main focus to growing our business.

Era Organics

Hubble has been a real asset for our social media presence in a short time. It has helped us efficiently identify influencers, saving us time, and we grew our following by nearly 30% in the first month. Hubble has also been an invaluable intelligence tool for negotiating NIL partnerships with college athletes.


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